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Award-Winning Author Swiyyah Woodard

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Swiyyah Woodard is CEO of Swiyyah Productions Inc. and Baynews9 Everyday Hero, seen by 2 million viewers. She began training as an actor at the age of 13. She was then accepted into the PCCA program at Gibbs high school for the giftedly talented in acting. She obtained a BA degree in Psychology from the University of South Florida, and is certified in Creative Writing and TV production. 

Buy books!

Buy Books!

Swiyyah’s books are fictional inspired by her true story, written in a self-help format to address mental illness. A few topics addressed are the change agent that allowed Swiyyah to seek treatment, ways to identify and overcome depression, steps to reach your dreams, and the spiritual aspect of mental illness. Free chapters are available to read on Amazon and Barnes and Nobles .Inspirational speakers youtube, inspirational books for college students, African American Christian fiction

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Focused topics for Business and Psychology

- How I built a business?

- What I learned about negotiation?

- How to accept and find inspiration? 

- How to use what you have to build upon?

-Who can you rely on when things get hard?

-Leadership for volunteers vs employees

-Team buidling

-Effective communication skills

-Story of overcoming mental illness

-Building a business with mental illness

-Mental health awareness

-How to treat people with mental illness? Scroll below to see sample speech.

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Books have been bought for events through grants and sponsorship. Contact Swiyyah Productions Inc. to order books in bulk for your next event, High School, or University. Speaking fee for Swiyyah will be waved for the the purchase of 100 or more books without bulk discount.

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Mental health recovery self-help blog by award-winning author and Baynews9 Everyday Hero, Swiyyah Woodard.