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Book 1 of 2. Inspired by a true story. Anika grew up in the projects in a single parent home. Growing up without a father she develops daddy issues and has a hard time trusting men including the love of her life Mosi. Mosi was a player before meeting Anika. He thought monogamy was a belief held only by the insane, meaning a weak-minded man. Being the handsome man that he is, women catered to him. He didn’t have to lift a finger. He had one woman who would clean for him, one who would run his errands, and one who was available for sex, any time, day or night.

Anika questions Mosi’s loyalty. Not trusting Mosi, she gravitates towards David, an attractive starving artist that gives her what Mosi can't. Anika is raised Muslim and is enlightened and empowered by David’s Christian perspective but is blindly unaware of his violent pass. Will his pass become part of her future?

Being proposed to for marriage, will Anika choose Mosi or David? Developing paranoid schizophrenia, will Anika be able to overcome and marry the love of her life? Or will she be stuck in a mental institution for the rest of her life?

Experience the life of a person with mental illness. Be inspired to press on regardless of a mental illness you or a family member may posses and learn how to overcome and live out your dreams. The author Swiyyah Woodard, diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, was awarded as a Baynews9 everyday hero seen by 2 million viewers for overcoming mental illness and teaching others how to overcome in her community.

You will be instantly taken on a spiritual, inspirational, and powerful journey to new enlightenment, as you gain a greater understanding as to why Anika says, “Don’t Call Me Crazy! I’m Just in Love. ”Required reading for High school

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Drama continues in Swiyyah’s second installment of Don't Call Me Crazy! Inspired by a true story. Choosing between Mosi and David has caused Anika to relapse. Finally confronting her past, Anika confesses the molestation she experienced as a child. Will she have enough courage to reveal this to the love of her life?

Mosi just can’t take it anymore. Feeling tormented, he begins drinking heavily. Will he leave or stay because after eight years without marriage, his darkness will come to the light, making Anika’s demons seem like a fairytale.

Anika thought she had a good grip on reality but who is David really?

Going back and forth with Mosi and then dating different men, will they ever marry? Or will this forbidden love affair drive her completely insane?

Living a life as a Muslim while having visions of Jesus, the truth about God is finally revealed. What will become Anika’s truth and is it enough to turn her life around?

Because you have taken part in Anika’s second journey, you can instantly understand why Anika says, “Don’t Call Me Crazy! Again.” As Heart breaking as, "The coldest love ever," and dramatic as "He beats me." Read both books now!

About Swiyyah

Swiyyah Woodard is CEO of Swiyyah Productions Inc. and Baynews9 Everyday Hero, seen by 2 million viewers. She began training as an actor at the age of 13. She was then accepted into the PCCA program at Gibbs high school for the giftedly talented in acting. She obtained a BA degree in Psychology from the University of South Florida, and is certified in Creative Writing and TV production. As a child she was raised in poverty with a single parent, molested by her brother, abused by her step dad, attempted suicide at the age of 8, lost the brother that molested her to suicide, and in her early 30's, her lungs collapsed twice. She felt the strong need to tell her story and published two books inspired by her true story entitled, "Don't Call Me Crazy!" Her first book became required and suggested reading at an accredited 4-year University in Writing, Reading, Abnormal and General Psychology. 

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