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Swiyyah Woodard is CEO of Swiyyah Productions Inc. and Baynews9 Everyday Hero, seen by 2 million viewers. She began training as an actor at the age of 13. She was then accepted into the PCCA program at Gibbs high school for the giftedly talented in acting. She obtained a BA degree in Psychology from the University of South Florida, and is certified in Creative Writing and TV production. As a child she was raised in poverty with a single parent, molested by her brother, abused by her step dad, attempted suicide at the age of 8, lost the brother that molested her to suicide, and in her early 30's, her lungs collapsed twice. She felt the strong need to tell her story and published two books inspired by her true story entitled, "Don't Call Me Crazy!" Her first book became required and suggested reading at an accredited 4-year University in Writing, Reading, Abnormal and General Psychology. 

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